He’s come out of [his drug troubles]

Today PaperCalling all Wauchope Blues players, supporters, family and friends: come and be part of a big celebration. The club will celebrate 50 years on Saturday, July 6 2019 at Lank Bain sporting complex with a day of football and family fun, starting at 9.30am. The day consists of all Wauchope Blues teams playing football, with most games against the Port Sharks.

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In their new longitudinal study, the researchers discovered that autistic traits in childhood come before behaviors characteristic of eating disorders, and so could be a risk factor for developing eating disorders. Francesca Solmi of UCL Psychiatry. Other studies looked at snapshots in time, rather than tracking people over multiple years, so it wasn clear whether autism increases the risk of eating disorders, or if symptoms of eating disorders could sometimes resemble autistic traits.

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